2015esplitsecndsplitsecnd is the most affordable, simple and effective portable plug-in vehicle connectivity device on the market. Designed to simply plug into the 12V lighter outlet in any car, splitsecnd can detect a crash, connect you to a live operator, send help to your location, and notify your emergency contact in an instant. Perfect for seniors, teens, and drivers of all ages, splitsecnd uses airbag sensor technology to activate the emergency response system on impact, calling for help even if you can’t respond; it can also be activated manually in the event of a 9-1-1 emergency or roadside breakdown. And with comprehensive trip analytics and GPS capabilities, splitsecnd lets you track routes, encourage good driving habits and even find your parked car. splitsecnd keeps up with you and your family on the road no matter where you are, what you drive, or what the situation. No cell phone required.