Roy J.E.M. Raymann, PhD is Vice President, Sleep Science and Scientific Affairs at SleepScore Labs. As a leading researcher in the field of sleep science, Dr. Raymann spent more than a decade in academia studying sleep at the Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences before joining the private sector. He was most recently at Apple where he was responsible for the company’s efforts in health-related initiatives, which included features such as Night Shift, Bedtime and the Sleep part of Apple Health. Prior to Apple, he was the Sleep Thought Leader at Philips Research focusing on the consumer sleep division where he founded the Sleep Experience Lab.

Dr. Raymann holds a PhD in Life Sciences from Vrije University Amsterdam and was recognized in the Netherlands with an award of Best PhD Thesis in Sleep Medicine. His research and post-doctoral work span more than 25 years and encompass multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, speaking events and patents. In addition, Dr. Raymann serves as an ad hoc reviewer for several sleep journals, including SLEEP and Journal of Sleep Research and was editor of the Dutch Sleep Annuals. At SleepScore Labs he leads collaborations with industry, academia and clinics, and oversees of the scientific rigor of the SleepScore ecosystem.