As a Research Associate at Lux, Noa researches technological and market developments in the digital health space. She also leads Lux’s Wearable Electronics intelligence service, where she analyzes anything and everything related to wearables, from components and new devices to applications and business models.

Noa’s primary focus is on monitoring, diagnostic, therapeutic, assistive, and behavior augmentation technologies and on larger trends in health care, including remote care and aging in place, that impact their development. She is especially intrigued by how digital solutions can exploit commonalities between seemingly unrelated medical conditions to redraw the disease landscape, and by how such a transformation could lead to shifts in business models and reorganization of future hospitals.

Prior to Joining Lux Research, Noa worked as a Product Innovation Associate at athenahealth, where she led a cross-functional team that reacted to and assessed patient safety issues posed by the electronic medical record. In this role, Noa designed solutions to address identified issues and communicated clinical risks to clients.

Noa obtained her B.Sc. in Biological Engineering from MIT, where she focused on regenerative medicine, drug delivery, and implantables, and where she also discovered her inner thespian.