Mark Bünger is Vice President, Research at Lux Research, where he and his teams work with clients’ innovation strategies across industries and scientific/technology domains. Since joining Lux in 2005, he has seeded, launched, and led many of the company’s intelligence services and consulting work, ranging from bio-based fuels and chemicals to big data in agriculture and healthcare. His current focus is on the intersection of information and matter in bio/genetic, industrial, and environmental markets.

Mark brings 25 years of international business experience as a management consultant, technology analyst, entrepreneur, advisor, and innovator from Forrester Research, Accenture, and several successful startups. His business education at Mälardalen Polytechnic (Sweden) and the University of Texas focused on market research, complemented by studies and lab work in neurology and bioengineering at the University of California (Berkeley and UCSF). He is a standing guest lecturer at UC Berkeley, and collaborates widely on studies of innovation with e.g Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), LUMS (Pakistan), Masdar (Abu Dhabi), and the Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering. He has chaired and moderated Stanford VentureLab (VLAB) events on food, synthetic biology, human augmentation, and the microbiome; and mentors teams in technical business plan competitions like NewSpace, FutureIdeas, and iGEM.