[imageframe lightbox=”no” lightbox_image=”” style_type=”bottomshadow” bordercolor=”” bordersize=”0px” borderradius=”0″ stylecolor=”” align=”left” link=”” linktarget=”_self” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ class=”” id=””]Heidi Dohse[/imageframe]In 1982 Heidi Dohse was diagnosed with a rare arrhythmia which began her journey with heart issues. She was one of the first AV ablations at UCSF in 1983 and she’s been 100% pacemaker dependant for over 30 years.

As a lifelong heart patient, Heidi did not want to become a victim of heart disease. Instead she wanted to pursue her desire to become an athlete and competitive cyclist. After having open chest surgery in 2010, doing any kind of physical activity was a frightening idea. However, with the help of wearable devices and applications Heidi accumulated the data needed to get from the hospital bed back on the bike and across the finish line of her first bike race. Since then she’s competed in cycling events both domestically and internationally. Heidi’s mission is to inspire others to do amazing things!

Heidi founded Tour de Heart to share and educate how using Technology + Medicine + Activity can be a path for Heart Patients to get their active lives back. The goal of Tour de Heart is to empower patients to become accountable and knowledgeable for their health care by having the information that they need.