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Wainwright Fishburn
Digital Health Summer Summit UCSF 2015
Supercharged Scalability

Wainwright Fishburn, Jr. Partner Cooley, LLP

In a highly charged field like digital health where your company can accelerate quickly, being behind the growth curve in any area of your business is not an option. And companies are looking at every tool and opportunity available to assist them in preparing for growth. Join one of digital health’s leading advisors as he lays out which business models are scaling with success and how you should be strategizing your next moves.

The Fourth Annual Digital Health Summer Summit, co-hosted by the Center for Digital Health Innovation at UCSF, takes a deep dive into the elements of a successful digital health venture. On the heels of a sold-out, wildly successful Digital Health Summit at the 2015 International CES, the Digital Health Summer Summit is a two-day conference showcasing the latest digital health innovations from the industry’s most brilliant thinkers and doers, who will explore the most pressing–and sometimes controversial–questions that face the industry.

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