There is no question that the biggest disruptors in healthcare have come out of the startup world. Join us for a 30 minute journey with three of healthcare’s champion startups reshaping the way healthcare is practiced and business gets done.

Medable, often in the news, provides the fastest path to secure, HIPAA-compliant applications for pharma, payers, researchers and other healthcare-focused companies. Their ‘no coding required’ product to create your own application to collect patient data and analytics will be showcased as well as will their cloud-based machine learning solution.

NarrativeDx’s cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, healthcare-specific AI platform uses natural language processing and machine learning to collect, analyze, and visualize unstructured patient feedback and provides actionable insights to healthcare providers.

Redox simplifies healthcare integration and facilitates sophisticated data exchange between organizations. Their interoperable network allows Digital Health Applications, Healthcare Organizations, and Payers to seamlessly and securely share data–a challenge that has plagued healthcare for decades.