Digital therapeutics have generated a great deal of attention throughout the healthcare industry, with some sources declaring them the “next big thing” in healthcare.  With the potential to induce lifestyle changes, enhance medical treatments, and reduce healthcare costs, digital therapeutics have a lot to offer to consumers, providers and payers.

Hear from three companies dominating this exciting frontier:

  • Neurotrack – Neurotrack has successfully built and is deploying the first validated predictive diagnostic test for cognitive decline that can identify an individual’s risk for disease as early as six years before symptoms appear, and they are launching a therapeutic program to treat cognitive decline.
  • Dthera – Dthera applies innovative digital therapeutics to meaningfully improve the quality of life and reduce anxiety in those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
  • Click Therapeutics – Click Therapeutic’s adaptive data science platform continuously personalizes user experience to drive cognitive and behavioral outcomes.