With our ability to gather information at the intersection of genetics, behavior, environment, data science, and computation, precision medicine was born! This new blend of knowledge will spur more effective ways to prolong health and treat disease. Through precision medicine, machine learning will identify which approaches will be effective for which patients based on genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

With a $120 million grant from the NIH, our opening keynote speaker is leading the charge alongside digital health pioneer, Dr. Eric Topol at Scripps Translational Science Institute, to extend precision medicine’s success to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and specific mental health illnesses. The “All of Us” Research Program is recruiting one million or more US volunteers by 2020 for the first research study of its kind.

Join Dr. Steven Steinhubl for an honest look at precision medicine’s potential impact on our health and wellness as he embarks on this unprecedented study.