In digital health, a company’s ability to protect users’ personal health information is paramount to their success. It is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult areas in the industry for companies to manage. And, with privacy laws changing on almost a weekly basis, most companies are struggling to keep up while many find themselves behind the eight-ball when trying to stay current.

This session will present not only the MOST current changes to privacy and data security, but will address many questions companies are dealing with on a daily basis:

  • What is your privacy and compliance plan and how up-to-date are you?
  • While you might clearly understand the need for security and privacy, do you have the technical chops to execute?
  • How can you manage your resources better to protect your long-term investment and still make privacy and security a “manageable and containable” top priority?
  • What is currently working and where can we go from here?