Hospitals have had to undergo significant changes in model-ship these past years. They’ve shifted from volume-based care to value-based care. And, with numerous legacy systems already in place, it makes managing this change extremely challenging.

Many healthcare systems have actively reached out to external sources to help them move in the direction of providing better care with lower costs. But digital health entrepreneurs wanting to sell into the system get lost in endless bureaucracy and “pilotitis.”

This session brings together the two most pivotal players to share their strategic insights on how to sell, pilot and scale successfully within the healthcare system: 1) the hospital CIO and 2) the digital health CEO with a phenomenal track record.  They’ll look into answering the myriad of questions companies have when it comes to working successfully with healthcare systems including:

  1. What are healthcare systems looking for when they evaluate new technology systems?
  2. Are all hospitals different or are there unified approaches entrepreneurs can take when working with these groups?
  3. Does your team have the technical chops to execute what they need?
  4. And, do you have a product that hospitals can actually implement to scale?