We are on the leading edge of a crisis in two common and costly conditions: Alzheimer’s Disease and Mental Health, that if unaddressed stand the chance of bankrupting America. Headlines like “Alzheimer’s Staggering $259B Cost Could Break Medicare”(Forbes, 3.7.17) point to the growing public health concern that has been under-recognized to date, but will undoubtedly become more prominent as the prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease increases with an aging population. Annual healthcare spending on Alzheimer’s-related care is predicted to increase over 300% and exceed $1.1 trillion by the year 2050. Meanwhile, in the area of mental health the US spent an estimated $201 billion treating disorders like anxiety and depression in 2013 alone, making them the costliest medical conditions in the country.

Tackling these two public health crises will require innovative approaches from payers, pharma, and providers of healthcare solutions. An emphasis on technology, novel clinical research, and distinctive partnerships are flooding the market to address this issue. This important discussion is intended to describe the core elements of pioneering proof-of-concept solutions that are focused on better management for both of these costly conditions. The aim is to look at a cross-section of the burgeoning industry by highlighting companies taking different approaches to the same problem.