How does Catalyze work with other digital health companies?

HIPAA is an omnipresent concern for digital health companies large and small. Catalyze removes the compliance burden for them at the infrastructure level, freeing them to focus on building and selling products. Unshackled from HIPAA, digital health companies can innovate on what truly matters—consistently bettering patient care.


How important do you see the role of the hospital CIO? Why?

The hospital CIO will be central to unlocking new value in patient data, so the position will be one of the most critical in the transformation from volume- to value-based care. The role requires an expertise in medicine, technology, security, human capital, and finance that the CIO is best suited to administer.


What can we expect to see from Catalyze in the next five years?

Catalyze cares deeply about bettering patient outcomes, especially as the industry shifts its emphasis on them. We plan to aid healthcare at all levels by relieving the HIPAA compliance burden placed on cloud computing. Health institutions should be able to reap the same speed and integration benefits from the cloud as its industry brethren, like retail or logistics. Commodifying compliance is the first step. Providing compliant tools to unlock new value in patient data is the next step within five years


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