Did your appearance on Shark Tank and crowdfunding campaign help to launch your product, and would you recommend that to other startups.
Our Indiegogo campaign kicked off 6+ months before our Shark Tank airing. This campaign allowed us to prototype and initiate production on the Original Breathometer prior to even pitching the Sharks. This helped us validate the messaging, customer need and key features. Shark Tank took the product exposure to a totally new level! With over 12 million viewers and successfully closing all 5 sharks for the first time ever really propelled Breathometer awareness beyond our earliest expectations.

So far what has been the greatest challenge for Breathometer?
Immediately following the Shark Tank airing we realized that our planned production quantities were going to fall well short! While many may view this as a “Good problem”- it was a considerable risk to the company to capture our early interest and deliver a product in a timely manner. With component lead times and production time requirements, we had to actually turn down additional retail placement opportunities in order to fulfill orders for our Indiegogo Supporters and online orders that were received during Shark Tank.

Breathometer seems to be consistently evolving, the Original Breathometer, then the Breeze, and recently you released Mint that helps monitor Oral Health with breath quality and hydration. What’s next in the pipeline?
We are very excited about where our roadmap will be taking us over the next 6-12 months. Having launched three new products in the last 2 years we are very happy to focus on our current products through the Holiday season. Stay tuned for exciting new product announcements in the next 4-6 months. With 300 biomarkers available in the human breath- science, technology and medical advances will help dictate how rapidly new product solutions are introduced. Hydration monitoring, fat burning and other real time data will help people make more informed decisions for their health & wellness.



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