What is a “smart” consumer platform is and where does it fit into the business of digital health?

The expectation of consumers in digital health is largely derived from their experience in other industries like retail, media and banking. These non-healthcare industries have come a long way in understanding the needs and expectations of consumers, and
adapting how they work to meet, and sometimes, exceed those expectations. The concept of a “smart” consumer platform is a factor of personalization, ease of use and usefulness. Do you know me and what I like, don’t like and how I want to engage? Is the interaction
simple? Does it reduce the friction I felt before I had this new digital tool or is it simply a digital version of the analog one? This focus on “I” or “me” is important. Healthcare can often feel a bit paternalistic – someone always telling you what to do
and how to do it. Empowering the consumer in a way that fits the way they want to engage will define “smart” solutions.

How does your relationship with IBM Watson elevate Welltok’s platform?

Using large amounts of information to help people make better decisions has become engrained in the way organizations are working, or at least hope to be working. “Big data” has taken over the conversation with the hope that crunching massive amounts of
data will result in insights that were otherwise hidden. IBM Watson cognitive computing brings Welltok closer to delivering on this promise by giving the CaféWell health optimization platform the ability to take large amounts of complex healthcare data – structure
and unstructured – and allowing consumers to interact and understand it in very simple terms. This is powerful to move healthcare into the consumer space where ease of access to understandable information to make informed decisions is critical to realize the
vision of consumer driven healthcare.

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