Jill Gilbert

Jill Gilbert

Jill Gilbert is a catalyzer of people, events, and ideas. Her experience ranges from speaker, publisher and Silicon Valley entrepreneur to Hollywood producer to breakthrough industry conference curator. Her most recent accomplishments include producing the Digital Health Summit, Lifelong Tech and Robotics on the Runway, which are adjuncts to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). She also founded and premiered the Digital Health Summer Summit in 2012, which continues to grow and receive rave reviews.

Earlier in her career, Jill served as the VP of E-Commerce at and co-founder and CEO of Gilbert Guide, the first national senior living directory and advisory resource. She also spent years in feature film development and production at Columbia Pictures, Disney, MGM and Love Spell Entertainment.

When she’s not mixing people and ideas, Jill enjoys a quiet glass of wine and a loud USC Trojans game.

Shana Duthie

Shana Duthie
Associate Producer

Shana Duthie has always been curious about how we live, how things work, what motivates us to use devices to assist us with our lives, and more importantly how we feel and embrace our experiences. Shana takes this curiosity to work everyday to assist companies with refining and developing their customer experiences. The experiences she has developed have been very diverse in nature, including the user interface for the first Jitterbug cell phone developed with Arlene Harris and her team while she was at GreatCall to MDLIVE where Shana architected the client and customer service experience that is being delivered today.

Shana enjoys focusing on products and services related to digital health and healthcare as companies continue to expand their product offerings while engaging with consumers on a direct level. She understands that in today’s environment the customer experience is as important as brand development. Shana graduated from Chapman University, Orange with a degree in Economics and a secondary minor in Pre-Med.

Sarah Halstead

Sarah Halstead
Client Wizard

Sarah Halstead has a passion for finding the latest and greatest technologies that brings tailored information to the fingertips of people. Her passion for constantly looking for new innovations in technology and bettering the consumer experience has been fueled by her studies in cognitive psychology, her career in the IT solutions industry, and becoming a mother to an incredibly curious child. She has represented multiple technology companies working at Zones, Inc, and has experience in IT Marketing, and Healthcare IT Solutions sales, and has worked with products ranging from the desktop to the datacenter.

Sarah Halstead loves finding new ways to help her customers enhance their productivity, better their experience, and tailoring a solution to their needs. As a working mother in an ever-changing industry, she knows the demands are high and is always looking for ways to work and live smarter in the short hours of a day.

Sarah graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, Art & Norwegian from Pacific Lutheran University. Sarah brings six years of marketing and business development experience to her current role.