Digital Health Summer Summit Delves Deep into Emerging Tech and the Patient Relationship

Digital Health has been one of the chief topics of conversation amongst the digerati this summer.  The digital health arena has seen more investment, more promise, more paranoia and more hype than any sector of the digital marketplace.  In a time of great flux and disruption, the only certainty is that digital health needs to be looked at with a bit more gravitas and less experimentation than any other form of “digital”.  If your call doesn’t go through, or your fitness band misses a counting a few steps, it’s not life threatening. At the Digital Health Summer Summit each year we bring the stakeholders to the table to guarantee they’ll hold all the pieces for a successful transition to the digital health economy. With our health in their hands, this meeting provides the tools they’ll all need to succeed.

The key message of the summit was a focus on the “Health” part of the Digital Health equation. As the building blocks of the new technologies mature our focus shifted to patient-centric implementations. Workshops on how to take a product from a pencil sketch through production and how to recognize ROI in a tough market kicked off the pre-conference. Three leading healthcare facilities: UCSF, Dignity Health and Kaiser Permanente showed how large institutions are now at the frontline of innovation. Trends in funding, regulatory management, sustainability and scalability occupied a great deal of the discussion.

The show’s producer, Jill Gilbert, summed it best when she said, “When a patient’s health or even life is at stake, the solution is more complex than simply deploying the latest piece of hardware.”

Building crucial partnerships like the one between Reebok and MC10 and learning from early starts like the session that featured Zeos, HealthRally and others were designed to share business intelligence with the audience.  The experts at Frog presented their bible on universal design and IBM’s Watson showed its prowess as the doctor in your future. The two days spent looking at Digital Health under the lens of the microscope of great participants took us one step closer to the building blocks of the new health ecosystem.

-Robin Raskin, July 2014

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